100 Spring Controlled Cup Drinker for Automatic Watering System for Birds With PVC Pipe Connector

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Complete with Cage Bracket, 12 Inch of 1/4" tubing and PVC Pipe Connector to connect all cup drinkers to a PVC Pipe. Spring Controlled Cup Drinkers work great for birds and small animals. The Spring System is the cleanest and most sanitary as it keep the cups empty and the water is added to a cup only when an animal/bird touches the spring. Birds learn to use this system quickly with baby chicks requiring some learning time to realize where the water comes from. This systems work similar to nipple drinkers used most commonly with baby birds but spring controlled cups prevent from excess water leakage keeping your habitat dry and clean.

These drinkers are connected with plastic PVC Pipe Connector bracket (included) to a PVC Pipe. To build a complete low pressure automatic watering system you will also need a PVC Pipe and a pressure reducing valve (sold separately) or to use a bucket or other container (gravity tank) to place above the drink cups (on top of your cage) and fill it with water.

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